Ways the Internet Convinced Me I Could Induce Labor

Hi ya’ll!

With Lila’s birthday approaching, I have been remembering so many things about what Wyatt and I were doing a year ago. Lila was due on July 23 (she arrived a week later). I was miserable in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Between heartburn and just overall discomfort, I was thankful when I got four hours of sleep. All I could think about was getting that baby out of my belly and into my arms. Since I was less than a week away from my due date, my midwife gave me the go ahead to do anything safe (not caster oil) to try and speed up the process. I have been remembering all the silly ways I was convinced would shoot me into labor, and I thought I would share. Obviously check with your doctor or midwife first, but maybe one of these tips will be exactly what you need to get labor going!

The first is simple and can at the least help with some back and hip pain, bouncing on am exercise ball. I just grabbed mine at target in the workout section. I clocked so many hours on that ball. I bounced all day and night. When I wasn’t bouncing, I was rolling my hips and laying on my ball trying to stretch my back. I even used the ball to try and lay inverted to keep baby girl head down. I definitely recommend a ball, even if you only plan to use it for your muscles.

The next would be massage and acupressure, specifically on the feet. For me, in those last few weeks, my feet were swollen and sore so I loved any reason to get Wyatt to rub them. We googled and Youtubed videos on foot massage and labor. We found a good number of videos that had some great massage techniques. Sometimes I thought I would get some contractions after, but it never led all the way to baby. You can also try a foot massage place if you have any near where you live. They might be more successful than your husband.

I also tried eating spicy food. Anything I ate was covered in hot sauce. I was even dipping the veggie straw chips in hot sauce. I had heartburn even when I wasn’t eating anything acidic, so adding in a ton of hot sauce sent it over the edge. But I thought it would be totally worth it if I got to hold that baby. Speaking of spicy, I also made these spicy labor inducing cookies. They are basically a spicier ginger snap that’s chewy. They turned out to be delicious and I ate so many. I even tried eating barbeque because after eating a ton of barbeque my mom went into labor with me. My birthday was the day before Lila’s due date, and that night on my birthday I ate so much barbecue just hoping it would work for me like it did my mom. It may not have led to a baby, but it was a delicious birthday dinner.

In the end, your baby will come when he or she wants to, but maybe some of these tips and tricks will help pass those super long and slow days when you are waiting for you baby. Now looking back, it really was so worth it to make some funny memories with my husband in the days before Lila’s birth. I can’t believe how close we are to her first birthday. And I really can’t believe how fast a year goes by! This is my last week before I go into full party mode, so I’m trying to relax some since it’s my birthday week. I’m spending it soaking up all the baby snuggles I can get because soon my baby won’t be a baby anymore!

xx Allison