The 5 BEST Mom Hacks!

Hi ya’ll!

I am at home alone right now! My sweet Lila is with Wyatt’s mom, her Emmy. It’s a mom win kind of day! I have gotten so much done at home, which is good because we are just 23 days away from Lila’s first birthday! I am trying to get as much deep cleaning done as possible before we have family and friends coming in and out. Anyone who has a baby or kid knows how hard it can be to really clean when you have a tiny person making messes every step. So now that I’m done cleaning I thought I would share some mom hacks with ya’ll. I love these hacks!! These aren’t hacks to make baby’s life easier, these are to make mom’s life easier and better with stuff you already have thanks to that cute little baby!

My first hack is definitely super basic, but also super handy. That baby Aquaphor (that I’m pretty sure is just Vaseline), has tons of uses for baby but it also makes a GREAT chapstick. When you are in baby’s room playing or for a middle of the night wake up, smear some of that on your lips! It will have your lips so smooth and ready for a real lipstick by morning!

Next, has to be burp cloths. We are finally after 11 long months down to just a random spit up here and there. We bought SO MANY burp cloths. But when you’re going through 5 cloths a day you need as many as possible. Now that we are done with all the spit up, I love to use the burp cloths for a sweat rag when I run or workout. They are the perfect size and perfectly absorbent. And if you’re like me, you have more than enough to supply everyone at the gym!

My third hack I actually started doing before I even had a baby. I use that oh so gentle baby body wash to clean my make up brushes. The first time I tried this I used Johnson and Johnson and it worked great and is at a great price point. Once we had Lila we got lots of body wash as gifts and discovered that her skin did not like Aveeno. So now I use her extra body wash as my make up brush cleanser. It’s great because we already have it and it won’t go to waste! And if you look at this picture with my brushes you can see it’s time for another scrub! I totally recommend using baby soap to clean brushes. If it’s gentle enough for babies, then I think it’s gentle enough for make up brushes! Not to mention such a great price!!

The next two hacks are probably my favorite discoveries. We bought the Boon Grass before Lila was born, and it is a great and cute product. We envisioned baby bottles drying on it, but Lila never took to a bottle. So it sat empty for quite a while. Until I realized that it was the perfect place to air dry my wine and cocktail glasses that I don’t put in the dishwasher. It is so perfect, I can’t even tell you how much. My wine glasses dry streak free and with no effort from me. I used to never use these glasses from Anthropology because I couldn’t use the dishwasher, but since having the Boon I use them so much more. They’re so pretty and that makes this mom so happy!

Now that I’ve shared how I dry my favorite wine glasses, I’ll let you know how I clean them. To go along with that vision of bottles drying on the Boon we bought bottle brushes to clean those non existent bottles. We may not use them to clean bottles, but man they can clean a wine glass or Yeti cup perfectly! They are also great to clean water bottles like the Swell. This brush is by Sassy and I love it. I think it was under 5 dollars and HEB (our local Texas grocery store). I also love the little blue brush that comes with Dr. Brown’s bottles. I use this to clean frosting piping tips.

Like I said earlier, these tips are for Moms to make Mom’s life easier and better! I hope you enjoyed these hacks and put them to use! If you have any favorite tips for Mom let me know in the comments! Now I’m going to go pour myself a glass of wine in my favorite wine glass and enjoy the rest of my free day!