Big Changes!

Hi! So this week is a pretty big week in the Wrinkle house; my husband is going back to school. Ah he’s working toward his masters. Which is so wild. We always knew it was an important part of the plan, but we weren’t sure…

Easiest Asian Chicken Salad!

Last weekend my husband, Lila and I went to the beach. We ended up eating lunch at a restaurant Brickhouse. It’s one of those places that kind of has a little bit of everything. Wyatt got their Chinese chicken salad and it was really great….

Becoming a Pinterest Mom?!

I never thought I would say the words “I want to be a pinterest mom” but here I am, shouting it from the rooftops. Trying to be a pinterest mom is giving me an eye twitch. No joke, a 7 day long eye twitch in…

How We’re Having a Sunburn Free Summer!

Hi ya’ll! Today on the blogĀ I thought I would share how we are going to keep Lila sunburn free without locking her indoors for the summer! We live in hot Houston, so during the summer it can easily reach over 90 degrees before 11 AM….