Luau Sugar Cookies and Party Food

Hi ya’ll,

It is a big week in our home; we have stopped breastfeeding after one year! It’s been a crazy and emotional week, so I have been distracting myself by looking back at party photos. I thought I would share all of our desserts and food than we had at the party. Nearly everything was DIY, and turned out even better than I expected. Especially our dessert table! It was just perfect!

For the main food we had barbeque and an array of snack and party food. Wyatt’s brother was so great and smoked some barbeque for little barbeque sliders on Hawaiian King Rolls. We are also so lucky to have Ruby (Dalton’s girlfriend, Joanne’s mother) make the most delicious Filipino food in the world for the party! My favorite is always her delicious little egg rolls. So. Good. I made some super spicy and super yum buffalo chickpea roll ups that were so delicious. My step-dad Bill made our pineapple tree, thanks to a stand we borrowed from Wyatt’s family friend. It was just so cute for the food table. We had other typical party food like fruit and veggies and spinach dip. Another favorite food item was our pineapple cheese ball that we shaped as a pineapple! There was a ton of food, but party food is always my favorite food. But, honestly I only ate two eggrolls and was too busy chatting to eat anything else.

For drinks at the party, we had a few options. We had lemon water and sweet tea in canisters from hobby lobby. We also had Michelob Ultra and Modelo just in coolers. The big hit though was the punch. I did end up converting the cocktail from a few weeks ago into a punch. Everyone loved it so much that we refilled the punch bowl several times and went through all the ingredients we purchased. That is always a sign of good punch!

The dessert table is really what I am so proud of. The cakes were so beautiful and brought from Alabama to Texas by my mom from our favorite bakery, Pollman’s in Mobile, Alabama. We have all had our first cakes from that bakery and always in the shape of a number one. The smash cake was also from there. Both were decorated with hibiscus flowers. I also had some rock candy and gummy worms on the table.

The cake pops and cookies I made, and I loved how they turned out. The cake balls were modeled after some I saw on pinterest and I used some these straws for the sticks. I also ordered the flowers from this etsy shop. The cookies took several days, but I am so glad I taught myself how to do it. It was so worth all the stress and all the time! Now I honestly can’t wait to make some more. I just want to get better and better! I made about 60 cookies, which is a lot. One thing I suggest doing is having a way for people to take a cookie or cake pop to go. I just bought a pack of cellophane bags from hobby lobby so people could take a treat or two for the road. It made it so that I didn’t end up with a ton of desserts, and so people didn’t feel like they had to have a cookie or a piece of cake. Have both!  

Overall I loved all the food and treats at the party! We had so many people help which made it even more special. All the extra effort really shows and really paid off at the end! There was definitely a point where I thought “gosh I should have catered the whole damn thing”, but now looking back I am so glad I didn’t!

Thanks for checking out my post and be sure to click some of those recipe links. What are some of your party food go tos? And if you’re in the market for some cute cookies, let me know! haha

xx Allison