How We’re Having a Sunburn Free Summer!

Hi ya’ll!

Today on the blog I thought I would share how we are going to keep Lila sunburn free without locking her indoors for the summer! We live in hot Houston, so during the summer it can easily reach over 90 degrees before 11 AM. It’s crazy hot and there is lots of sunshine! Thankfully living in Houston means we also live on the coast, so we have plenty of beach days as well as pool days. I definitely don’t want to expose Lila’s super fair skin to any sunburn, but I also don’t want her to miss out on all the fun you can have in the sun. So, we will be having safe fun in the sun!

The first thing I do when we are going to be doing anything outside is cover her with sunscreen. I like to do it during a diaper change so that I can coat her everywhere from the tips of her ears to her toes. This Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby is my favorite right now. It is pretty thick but dries so nicely. It doesn’t leave Lila looking like a greased pig, and I love the non-baby Neutrogena for myself. I will say it does tend to dry out my hands after I put it on her, but some great hand cream fixes that.

If we are going out early in the morning for a run I have another product I love, it’s Avon Bug Guard Plus. This is both an insect repellent and sunscreen of 30 SPF. It goes on as a lotion sunscreen and works great. It definitely keeps the bugs away and is plenty of protection since we are normally out before 9 AM. I like to keep one tube in my car so that we always have it on the go.

For swimwear, it’s important to look for a suit with UPF 50. Not going to lie, I had to look up what this meant and I’m glad I did. It basically means that only 1/50th of the sun’s rays will reach the skin under that piece of clothing. This is such a great way to get some extra protection! And just because it’s safety first doesn’t mean you have to pass on the cute factor! My favorite is this green seersucker suit by Ruffle Butts (it’s almost gone, but they have soo many cute options). It is seriously precious and still has UPF 50. Target swimsuits also have UPF 50. They’ll have a tag on them that says UPF 50, so make sure when picking up a suit or 5 that its got that extra sun guard.

This pink suit is from Gap and is so sweet with a mermaid drawn on the front!

And of course you can’t forget the accessories. What is a trip to the beach or pool without a hat and some shades. Both of these are from Buy Buy Baby and are awesome. I love these shades because they have a strap around the back and when I put them on with the hat on top she cant pull them off. I cannot say enough great things about this hat by iPlay. They had so many colors and patterns so there is something for everyone. We chose pink and I’m planning on going back to get one in white. It has a really wide brim that completely covers her face and even her shoulders. It ha a cinch so it can perfectly fit their head. And of course it has UPF 50. We LOVE this hat!

I hope I’ve shared something to help your family enjoy summer in the sunshine! What are some of your favorite products for summer sun protection? I would love to know! No one should have to miss out on all that summer has to offer! And I know we don’t want any sunburn putting a downer on our summer plans! Thanks so much for checking out my post!

xx Allison