Bye Bye Baby Clutter!


Hi ya’ll!

This past weekend we decided to do some decluttering and get rid of some baby toys and clothes that Lila had outgrown. Lila is almost 11 months old now, which is so hard to believe! We had a lot of clothes that she had outgrown and some toys that she hadn’t used in forever! I had really debated whether or not to get rid of all that I did, but ultimately decided that someone else can get use out of it rather than it creating clutter in our home.

I know a lot of people hold onto baby things in for the next baby, but we know that another baby is not in our near future. I also know myself and know that I love to shop for baby things and love to keep up with the latest and greatest in baby products. So we decided that rather than plan for a “what if” we should plan for now. And right now we are approaching a first birthday! Lila is bound to get some gifts and we have some things we would like to get her that are more suited for her current age!

OK, so what did we decide to donate?!

We decided to donate her jumper, a door hanging jumper, and the Bumbo seat. We loved both of these things when she was smaller! But now that she can move around, she does not want to be stuck in a seat of any kind (except her high chair of course). We also got rid of her Little Einstein’s activity mat. This she really hadn’t touched in forever but was still out with her toys. Our dog had taken a real liking to it, but that was not enough of a reason to keep it!  

Lastly, we donated lots and lots of clothes and swaddles. I did keep a few favorite swaddles though to throw in a bag from time to time. They can be so handy! As far as her clothes go I did keep favorite things and anything holiday themed. But we did donate tons of pajamas and onesies and leggings. I debated keeping all her cute tops and outfits, but decided if we have another baby there will be more cute outfits to get them. Like I said before I LOVE to buy baby clothes!

I hope this post has motivated some of you to do some summer declutter too! Maybe you don’t need to declutter for the baby, but it always feels good to get rid of some stuff you never use! And your clutter might be just what someone else needs!

Until the next,

xx Allison