Big Changes!


So this week is a pretty big week in the Wrinkle house; my husband is going back to school. Ah he’s working toward his masters. Which is so wild. We always knew it was an important part of the plan, but we weren’t sure when the right time would be. But after having Lila we agreed that it would be easier to be busy now than when she has activities and plans of her own. We prayed a lot, and have learned to trust God’s plan for us because we know his plan is so much greater than ours. So it’s actually happening and with it means a few changes. He’s going to be so busy with class and then loads of studying, reading, and at home work. It’s going to leave me with a chunk of alone time (by which I mean time I can’t be chatting Wyatt’s ear off) that I haven’t had in so long.

(Lila loves to lounge :))

When Wyatt and I first were living together, he worked nights and I worked days so I was alone Monday through Friday from when I left work until around midnight or so. It was like that for over a year, and it definitely sucked. Now looking back though I really found some things I loved and was passionate about. I found youtube and specifically make up tutorials to watch and copy. I was obsessed. Obsessed. I lost a lot of that once Lila was born because who cares about an eye shadow pallet when you are covered in spit up? Not me. But now Lila is past that age, and is on a really great schedule.(Lila in my quiet zone)

So I’m kind of excited for my new alone time/ quiet time. I’m excited to get back to some things I love, like make up and writing. It’s kind of great timing that I started this blog right before this life change. I feel like it is so important to have something that’s yours and something that’s a bit frivolous. I didn’t realize that I had lost that until like yesterday. Or today. I’m excited to see where I can take my writing and the blog.

I always try so hard to stay positive. It makes me happy. I hate negativity. It helps me wrangle in some of my anxiety. I think being positive and grateful is life changing. Try it. Ha, but last night thinking about all my new alone time I started to get upset. I hustled to Wyatt and insisted on date nights once a week (he was thinking the same thing), and I got scared of my alone time. But then today I decided to flip it around. To focus on what amazing things could come from some quiet time. And honestly if all I get is a break, some joy, and an increase in my sanity, I will be over the moon. Everyone deserves those things and moms might need them a little extra some days.

So here’s to the future and some quiet alone time!

xx Allison